This blog advocates for education, conservation, and outreach through my personal experiences and short stories as an environmental scientist, scuba diver, world explorer, & life-long learner.

Follow me along this journey of connecting nature and society.


Personal Life

I was always the kid who was never afraid to get dirty.

My mom nicknamed me “sugar cookie” because when we were at the beach, I would purposefully coat my entire body in sand.

I spent my early years camping, hiking, going to the lake or the beach, playing outside, and attending nature education programs.

For 8 years, I attended a Montessori school, where my curiosity flourished and my yearn for learning continued. During that time, my education was exploration. It was captivating and active learning.

My life was built around a few core values:

  • Respect for our interdependent web of life (my religious background)
  • Belief and intrigue of science (family nurturing & experiences)
  • Always do your best, help others, & never give up (American Karate Academy motto)

And I carry these values with me today as I go forth into the world as a scientist, an educator, and a learner.

Here’s to putting one foot in front of the other into my career and the unknown…